Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business

Social Media for Real Estate Agents

Social Media for Real Estate Agents


Today’s successful real estate agents are excellent at building and maintaining relationships in person. But, in this current digital age, it’s increasingly important for agents to become skilled at developing online relationships too.Like thumbs up

According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), 43 percent of US home buyers begin their search for potential homes and real estate agents online. Websites and social media channels are used daily by consumers looking to hire a real estate agent. Are you leveraging this trend?

Although social media may seem daunting as a means of building trust and loyalty, following these simple tips will help you get started:

Social media for real estate agentsFacebook

Over a billion people visit Facebook Pages monthly. When you set up a Facebook page, make sure you are publishing the right content.

Your Facebook business page gives you an online voice and a presence to reach and connect people in a dynamic way. You can boost your marketing efforts and even gain insight into page analytics to better understand your audience.

Ideas to post about on your professional Facebook page:

  1. Trends in your local real estate market
  2. Upcoming events in your community
  3. Listings, recently listed and sold houses (take a photo of your clients in front of their new home!)
  4. “Geo Targeted” ads to reach clientele
  5. Engaging images of homes and local neighborhoods
  6. Giving back – encouraging clients to join your team participating in local 5Ks and fundraising events in the community
  7. Moving, packing and storage tips
  8. Home staging tips and tricks for potential clients
  9. Tips for showing/selling a home with dogs/cats
  10. Find your niche! If you specialize in selling a specific type of property, or have unique services, make sure your posts let you audience know.

Best of all, Facebook pages are free and very easy to set up. Always keep your Facebook page positive, professional informative and engaging.

Personal vs. Business Pages

Experts caution against using a business Facebook page to post information about your family life. While some agents feel that this helps to personalize them and make a connection with clients; others suggest that it creates a security risk and dilutes the important information about your business. For this reason, as a best practice, many agents opt for both a personal page and a business page.

When you feel comfortable with clients, you can invite them to learn more about you on your personal page. In the meantime, let them learn about you as a real estate agent on your business page.


LinkedIn on tablet with cup of coffee

Twitter logoTwitter

Like Facebook, Twitter gives you another arena to market yourself for free and strengthen your online presence.

Twitter is less interactive than Facebook, and only gives you 140 characters or less per Tweet (your Twitter post). Twitter can be an engaging platform for offering content such as “Tip of the week”, “Fun Facts” about your marketing region and “Upcoming Events”.

Professional Tweets should be snippets of information, insights and quick tips. Link the reader back to your website and blog; it’s where you can not only gain Website traffic, but offer a platform for consumers to learn even more.

As an extension of you and your business, your social media presence represents an exciting opportunity to offer positive and insightful information to increase your marketing efforts.


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