Your Holiday Gift-Giving Questions Answered

Holiday gift-giving in the workplace is a time to express your gratitude and appreciation for those with whom you work. It’s an investment in your working relationships.

However, gift recipients and gift selection can be daunting. Before you begin shopping, settle on a budget and a recipient list and be sure you have a clear understanding of your intent and purpose with each gift. While it’s all right to give a gift to remain top of mind, be sure your gift giving is coming from a place of gratitude and appreciation.

Your Holiday Gift Giving Questions Answered

Holiday Gift GivingNot all gifts have to be equal
A gift to an assistant who has worked closely with you all year can warrant a different type of gift than a business associate or acquaintance. It’s perfectly acceptable to take note of a special client, an appreciated team member and/or a business relationship when planning your gift list. Consider giving these gifts privately and in person to avoid any unintended hurt feelings between others in the office.

Include a handwritten note
A handwritten note says you have taken the time to acknowledge your recipient. A personal and meaningful touch of such gratitude goes a long way, far more than a generic message.

Your gift can last all year long
Subscription-based gifts are thoughtful gestures that gives back 12 months out of a year. These types of gifts require a bit more thought because the recipient will be receiving something from you all year long. The upside is, since your nice gesture is ongoing over a year span, you stay top-of-mind longer.

Personalize your gifts
Paying attention to hobbies and habits is a surefire way to give a well received and personal gift. If you recently shared, or discussed, a game of golf with someone you are gifting, then a golf related item may be a good idea. If your recipient is passionate about their pets, then consider a gift for their dog or cat.

Industry related gifts are a great idea
Real estate agents can never go wrong with giving a client something for their home. This personal touch speaks to the value of your service to them and the importance of their home.

Ditch the Logo Gifts
Gifts with logos and the innuendo of a sales pitch have a negative connotation. They are not really considered genuine “gifts.” Instead, choose a gift that conveys the message of gratitude this holiday season. While these types of gifts are appropriate throughout the year, the holidays is not the best time for them.

When in doubt, remain neutral
If it’s unclear what holiday is celebrated by your recipient, then it’s best to play it safe and send a gift that celebrates the New Year.


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