Spring Clean Your Online Presence

Spring is here and that means more buyers and sellers will begin searching for a real estate agent to help them move this year. To get ready, it is time for you to do some spring cleaning – and we don’t mean dusting blinds or the tops of refrigerators. We are talking about your professional online profile. With an estimated 90 percent of home buyers beginning their search online, you can’t afford to have an outdated online presence.

Time-block a couple hours this week to review your online profiles and get them up-to-date. Here is a checklist to help you get started.

CheckYour LinkedIn Profile 

Make sure you have a professional head shot. This is your digital business card and you want to look like the successful agent you are.

Have you won any awards recently or been published in any local publications? Get those on your profile! You want to make sure to update your profile every time you have a new accomplishment.

Ask for recommendations. More than ever, clients rely on testimonials to help them make purchasing decisions and real estate agents are not exempt from this. Don’t be afraid to ask current and past clients to write you a short recommendation on LinkedIn. You can also ask your clients for permission to use their testimonial on your website as well. Set a goal to add several new recommendations every quarter.

CheckYour Website

Make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your website bio.

In addition, if you have a website blog, check when your last publication was. If potential clients see that you last posted information in 2015, or worse, earlier, they might think you aren’t active enough to represent them. Clients want agents who know the industry and the local market. Your website is a great place to show them you are the expert in both! Keep your website content consistent and relevant.

CheckSocial Media Pages

Consistency across all channels is key. If you make updates to your LinkedIn profile and your website, you should also update your other accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

Take a look at your social media pages and ask yourself, “Would this page impress me if I were looking for an agent?” Keep that in mind not just when you make updates, but every time you post.



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